"Come For the Comfort
Stay For The Soul"



Meet John "Johnny" Naro! Born and raised in Birmingham, AL, John has been working in the food service industry for nearly 40 years! Getting his start at Pioneer Cafeteria, moving on to the Birmingham Racetrack (where the Fat Johnny cartoon was created by a coworker), and ultimately working for Baptist Health Systems as the Executive Chef for a majority of his tenure. 


However, in 2019 he decided it was time for a change - and Fat Johnny's ceased to be a dream and became a reality! John has always had a passion and love for cooking. Growing up, he remembers cooking alongside his parents as they prepared meals for their various organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus and the Elks Lodge. He hopes to draw his customers in with homemade comfort food that will trigger memories they have experienced with their own loved ones, what he calls the "soul" of the restaurant. 


Come for the comfort, stay for the soul!


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